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From: John Colorado
Subject: Farmer turned Rancher Chapter 1If you are not of age or man/man sex bothers you, or this illegal in your
area, then I suggest you leave NOW! Why are you still here, I told you to
leave! The names have been changed but the story itself is basically based
upon facts. However, most of it is fiction.Farmer Turned Rancherby John of Colorado
Chapter 1It was getting into late spring, I had finished with the last of the
planting. All I had to do was play the waiting game and hope for rain. I
sat down in the home-made rocking chair on the front poach of the house and
began remembering the past and feeling sorry for myself.We had moved from Upper New York State 6 years ago when I was ten. Dad had
taken a land claim in Central Texas. Being an only child, I soon learned
the way of living off the land. We were miles from nearest neighbor or
town. So my mother, my dad and I became a very close family and friends. We
were very lonely, but at least we had each other.I helped Dad during the day farming and looking after our small herd of
cows. In the evening and at night, Mom taught me to read, do figures and
speak Spanish, her native language. I am glad that she had because most of
the Indians and Mexican settlers spoke Spanish. Now at least I could
communicate with them. I learned to cook from her. Her health was beginning
to fail. Dad and I did all we could to make life a little easier for her.
Three years ago, she died and we buried her under the old shade tree on the
hill behind our preteen models bbs lolita house.I took over her duties and helped Dad as much as I could. I was getting
real life training. Dad and I became very close, I moved into his bedroom.
I soon learned to love every minute of it. Dad and I became lovers and made
love on a daily basis. Two years ago, Dad was thrown from a horse and never
recovered. I buried him next to Mom.Now I was alone and I determined to make it on my own. He left me with
quite a bit of money but I was far from rich. As far as I knew, I have no
living relatives and if I was to survive, I would have to do it by myself,
thanks to all my good training, I had a fighting chance. Life would be
tough but I am a fighter and not a quitter.I became very bored and weary. How I longed for a companion. Someone to
talk with, to share my dreams and all of my tomorrows. I was almost to the
point of hot lolita sex pics loading my meager belongings into the wagon and heading toward
civilization. However, I had pre lolita small pussy too much invested in this little plot of land
and I couldn't bear the little black lolitas pics idea of leaving my parents behind and everything we
had worked so hard to accomplish. I would just have to remember all the
good times we had enjoyed together.It was a very warm day, I knew just what I needed to cheer me up. lolita naked art galleries I would
go to the creek behind the house and take a nice refreshing dip in the old
swimming hole. The cool water seemed to take all my troubles away along
with all the dirt and grime. I went into the house and got a bar of
homemade soap and headed for the creek. My spirits had already started to
get better.I stripped naked and dove into the water and swam for a long time. I
climbed upon shore and grabbed the soap and proceeded to clean my body and
hair. Having completed this enjoyable task, I lay on the grassy bank and
let the sun dry my body. My, that felt good. I closed my eyes and decided
to take a short nap.I had barely dozed off. Startled, I was awaken by a disturbing sound coming
from around the bend in the creek. I could not make it out but it sounded
like someone in pain. I jump to my feet and rushed to the source. There
before me lie a young man about 20 years of age, more dead than alive. He
looked as though he might be Mexican or maybe Indian. I rushed to him and
took him into my arms, just as he passed out. I thought he was dead but
could still feel a faint pulse and his shallow breath on my cheek.I gently lay him back down. I jumped up and ran back to my clothes and
pulled on my boots. I ran to the barn, naked except for my boots. I slipped
a bridle on a donkey and rode him back to the creek where the hurt young
man lay. After what seemed like a century, I got the unconscious man lying
across the donkey's back like a sack of grain.We started back to the house. The donkey was trained to obey voice
commands... I walked along beside holding the man on the donkey's nude nymphet lolita art back.
When we reached the house, I had the donkey go up onto the porch. I opened
the door and had the donkey go inside. It didn't want to but finally obeyed
my commands. We went into the bedroom and I lifted the young man onto the
bed and then took the donkey to the barn.I returned to the house and went to the bedroom. I took off all the man's
clothing and felt his entire body, checking for broken bones. I even
checked his manhood, which was very free legal preteen lolita
nice and large. Everything seemed to be
in working order. I had to get some water in him and quickly. It was easy
to see that he was completely dehydrated. I got a dish of water that was at
room temperature. I took a wash cloth and soaked in the water. Then I
dropped a few drops into his mouth and wet his dry parched lips, waited a
bit and then gave him a few more. Finally, I had the whole dish down him.I gave him another dish of water and stopped for the time being. I didn't
want to give him to much to fast.I went to the spring that I used as a cooler and got a some left over
chicken. I cut this into small pieces and put it in a kettle to boil. I
wanted to make a broth and that I had to get some food inside the young man
but nothing solid. I used some cold water to cool the broth. Now I spoon
fed him holding his head up so that he would not choke. Soon I had the
whole dish down him. So far, preteen models bbs lolita
so good. Using the outside stove, I built a
fire and heated some water so I could wash my guy. I washed him from head
to toe cleaning the blood and dirt away. I could see now just what kind of
shape his body was in. Although, it didn't look good, I knew that now he
had a fighting chance of survival.Dad had made some moonshine that had an alcohol content much to high to
drink but it made a wonderful disinfectant. I had written the directions
down for making it. I was getting low so I needed to make some more. I used
Mom's sewing kit to stitch the deeper cuts together after I poured some
moonshine of them. It was a good thing that he was out because my treatment
would have killed a normal man which was awake. I cleaned all the wounds
and gave him some more broth. All I could do now was wait and see. I am
glad that he was completely out because he wouldn't have survived all my
doctoring and if he had he would have hated me forever.Jack, the name that I had given him, was out for three days. I was at his
bedside day and night talking in Spanish to him the whole time. I would
grab a little sleep now and then. lolita gallery index of I made a whole chicken into broth . So
Jack and I ate chicken broth. On the fourth day, he started waking up. He
said something in Spanish. I was glad because now we could communicate. I
told him to lie back down and I would get him something to eat. I made some
vegetable stew and mashed potatoes. He needed something more solid than
just broth.. He wanted to know where his clothes were. I told him as of now
clothes were off limits and that I liked him just the way he was. He
grinned and passed out again.Jack was finally back with me to stay. I found that his real name was
Carlos but I should call him Jack because that was the name I had given him
and that is what he heard all the time that he was in the coma. I told him
that I would call him Jack Carlos. He like this very much so Jack Carlos he
became. It took another week before Jack Carlos was back on his feet.Jack Carlos had been gathering up strays and a snake spooked his horse a
which threw him and he rolled over a steep embankment. He was knocked
unconscious and when he came out of it, he had no food, water or horse. He
just wandered around for several days until I found him more dead than
alive. Jack Carlos was from a settlement about 10 miles away.I told John Carlos that I would like to have him stay and live at my place.
I could not pay him much in the line of wages but I would make him a
co-owner and we could work the ranch together. He said that he wanted to
think it over and would let me know his decision in a couple of days.The next day, I could tell that something was bothering John Carlos. He was
not his happy self. During our lunch meal, I just came out and asked what
was bothering him. He was very reluctant to talk. Finally, he said. "Paul
what do you think about a man loving a man?""John Carlos, I have been wanting to ask you the same thing. I am falling
in love with you and would like make love to you. I was afraid of what you
would do. I sure didn't want you to leave."John Carlos didn't say anything. He just got up and came to my side of the
table, took me in his arms and kissed me. Our cocks were both hard. I took
him by the hand and led him into the bed room after stopping by and
grabbing the lard bucket. We stayed there for the rest of the afternoon.
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